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You’ve Been Swept

A little about what we do

Swept no qrNW Rally E-Crew is the primary sweep/medical team for Stage Rally in the Northwest. NW Rally E-Crew is a 100% volunteer organization with members from Washington and Oregon.

Sweep Team

Ecrew on Jeff's truck

“We got 99 problems but a ditch ain’t one.”

These volunteers are in responsible for maintaining safety on rally stages, and responding to any incidents on stage. If a crash has occurred and a car needs to be recovered, rolled back over, flat towed, or just yanked out of a ditch, Sweep is on the job. Many of the members have been involved in rally for many years, others are recent additions to the group, all bring different backgrounds, equipment and knowledge.

● S90 – Jay 2010 Toyota Tacoma
● S91 – Mike “Mikey” Dodge Ram 1500
● S92 – Jeff “Jeffy” 1994 SAS Chevy 1500
● S93 – William “Gizmo” Dodge 2500
● S94 – Mike “Sparkles” 2003 Toyota 4Runner
● S95 – Keith 1988 Toyota 4Runner
● S96 – Ethan “Jesh” 2012 Toyota Tacoma
● S97 – Christopher “Topher”
● S98 – Ian “Flipper” 1992 Toyota Pickup
● S99 – Chris “Petty Officer” 2005 Subaru Baja

The EMTs and Co-Drivers

EMT or Paramedic personnel ride in the Sweep vehicles and are the first to respond to incidents on stage.

Ecrew Parked

“We’re there when you can’t keep the shiny side up.”

● Brandi – EMT
● Brittani – EMT
● Loren – EMT
● Kristina “Tink” – EMT
● Beth – EMT
● Mackenzie – Co-Driver
● Hope – Co-Driver

Interested in joining the NW E-Crew? Email them at join@ecrewnw.org

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