Team Fugawi?


Team Fugawi is a group of dedicated former stage rally competitors, and communications personnel who bring their experience and expertise to Stage Rallies in the Northwest to allow safe events for absolutely everyone involved.

Team Fugawi Safety Car teams typically operates a 3 car team; 000, 00, and 0 cars which traverse down the stage route making sure Staff, Spectator, and Competitor safety are all well intact. They work closely with Sweep & EMT’s, Event Organizers, and Operations in Event Safety Management.

They assist with timing controls to make sure all controls are ready for their roles once the first competitor car comes through.

Team Fugawi is knowledgeable in NASA Rally Sport, American Rally Association, Rally-America, and Canadian Rally Championship rules and regulations.

2017 Oregon Trail Rally Roster

Car #0
1997 Subaru Impreza OBS
Car #00
2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS
Car #000
2005 Subaru Impreza 2.5 Wagon


Photo Credit – Chris Daley


Photo Credit – Jason Roy


Photo Credit – Jason Roy

Driver:Lee Sorenson
49 years rally experience
Co-Driver:Norma Woods
14 years rally experience
Driver:Ron Sorem
50 years rally experience
Co-Driver:Jim Breazeale
29 Years rally experience
Driver:Steve Perret
27 years rally experience
Co-Driver:Renee Damm
12 years rally experience



“I always feel better about the route when I know you guys are out in front”
– Paul Eklund – Primitive Racing #233

“There is nothing better than a well trained course opening team that performs their duties professionally! Everyone in the Team Fugawi group is deeply appreciated and respected by all of us competitors for your dedication (and sense of humor!)”
– Keith Morrison – Clearcut Racing

“Your team may be the best kept secret in running the rally”
– Alex Gelsomino – Monster World Rally Team #43

“One thing we need is lead car guys like Ron and Lee who take their jobs VERY seriously and know they’re not out there for a fun drive down the stage. They look at every detail on the stage, and are not above” getting crabby when things don’t measure up. They are the last look at the safety of the stage and have final responsibility for whether it can be run. If they have a choice between being nice and being safe, there’s no choice. These guys pre-run the stage when possible, and have a checklist of where every marshal and banner is.”
“We could reduce our risk by learning from these guys…”
“…you do more with less input from the clerk of the course than anybody…”
“and as I said, you know why you’re out there.”

– Bruce Weinman – Rally Official


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