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Spectator Safety

Stage Rally can be dangerous. Competing cars are often running fast on common roads. Therefore the spectators are required for responsible behavior to secure their own safety as they are mostly not protected with barriers as on racing circuits. Spectators are watching the rally on their own risk, but it doesn’t mean they don’t need to respect the safety regulations and arrangements! Stage Rally is beautiful sport, but without appropriate security it can easily become a dangerous hazard! Accidents with spectators are the biggest threat of this discipline. You can help with keeping Stage Rally alive – think of your behavior before going to the special stage. Don’t hesitate to help the Route marshals with undisciplined spectators, who refuse respecting the safety arrangements. The act of an individual is the basement for act of the society – if you do positive action, others will join you.

Here are basic rules how to behave at the special stage route when watching the rally cars. Learn these instructions and follow them:

  • Obey the organizers’ instructions. If people are asked by the Route marshals to leave dangerous place on the SS route, they should follow these instructions. In case of indiscipline the special stage will be canceled!


  • Especially dangerous locations are marked as “PROHIBITED AREA” or “NO GO AREA”. Do not try to enter these places, they can be terminally unsafe! Do not stand on “escape roads” as well. Do not cross the safety tape or net and stay behind it!


  • Keep the distance from the edge of the roadway. Keep in mind the high speed of competing cars. It is impossible to eliminate either the driver’s mistake or an unpredictable technical defect of the vehicle.


  • Don’t stay near bumps, crests or jumps located on the roadway. When the car lands off the ground, the driver has only small chance to control it. The car can easily leave the road after landing.



  • Don’t sit by the SS route. Always watch, what’s happening on the special stage. Think of quick evacuation of your place, at any time keep prepared an escape way and be prepare for quick reaction.


  • Avoid places below level of the route. Do not stand on outer sides of curves, in front of houses or other impassable obstacles. In forest do not stand in front of the trees. For watching the competition shoose only places on elevated areas, behind solid obstacles etc.


  • Cooperate with Organizers and Route marshals, in case of menace of danger organizer must be informed about the current situation. In case of any accident spectators should wait with possible help on organizers’ dispositions.


  • If you take the children to the rally, keep them under careful and constant view. Adults are fully responsible for childrens’ safety!
  • Do not cross the roadway and do not walk on the SS route during special stage! Take the position for watching the rally before start of first rally crews, not during the SS run! Count with time limits – take a look on the Rally guide in advance, when the SS route is giong to be closed before the start and re-opened after the end. Remember that the route SS is not re-opened until the Organizer’s vehicle passage!


  • Avoid driving on access roads upstream of competition vehicles approaching the SS during the rally. Roadways to the special stages are often narrow and racers could be in hurry.
  • Park your vehicles on reserved parking lots appointed by the police or the organizers. Do not park where you could stand in the way of competing crews, service staff and other participants of public traffic.


  • Don’t stand in front of traffic or directive signs.
  • Don’t damage the environment!
  • Don’t take your pets at the special stage with. Domestic animals must be secured to not to enter the SS route.
  • Don’t throw anything on the route – it could endanger the safety of passing competing crews. This behaviour is also handled in the Criminal Code!

produced by rallysafety – Image credits: Acropolis Rally

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Stage rally reveal today by @kblock43. Any guesses on what it is? #usrallyRallyx drivers preparing to battle the @oregonracewaypark dirt. How many will we see on stage in the coming season? #sccarallycross #usrally @oregonrallyThe 2017 #oregontrailrally is done and dusted! It was another spectacular event with multiple classes decided on the final loop of stages!  We as organizers couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

We'd like to first of all thank all our wonderful volunteers that help with this event. It can't happen without you and we appreciate all the time you invest in making the Oregon Trail Rally such a success. Everyone from road marshals and control workers to spectator management, HAM operators, service managers, scoring teams, and @nwecrew_sweep_team, etc. you all did a stellar job this weekend.  Also a huge thank you to the @ara_rally and all their stewards and staff for helping make their first USA event run smoothly.

We'd also like to thank the communities of Dufur, Oregon and Goldendale, Washington who have been so inviting to our event. You always make us feel so welcome!

To our sponsors @mountaindew Kickstart, @subaru_usa, @oreillyautoparts, Trackside Motorsports,@dmacktyres USA, @dirtfishrally, @namelessperformance, @ledlenserusa, Dick Hannah Subaru, @exedyusa, @primitiveracing, and Subaruparts.com, thank you so much for your support.

Lastly to all the competitors and teams, we hope you all had as good a time as we did, and look forward to seeing you at Oregon Trail Rally 2018! 
And a special thank you to @srtusa's @travispastrana and Robbie Durant for sticking around and hanging out with our volunteers and regional teams at the after event banquet.  We're all happy for your win and really enjoyed celebrating with you!

We'll be posting and sharing more photos and stories over the coming weeks! 📸@chrisdaleyphotographyThe cars are set to go any minute now! Follow all the action with live tracking thanks to @namelessperformance on the @ara_rally app!One of of our fastest regional competitors Kevin Kardos & Ben Boro had an off on the penultimate stage of the day Saturday. Kevin stated that he was trying to carry more momentum through a right 3, but didn't have the car positioned correctly and went off the road, through a fence, and into a field. They were stuck for a while, but were able to get back on the road with the worst damage being a single front A-arm. In service they replaced the broken suspension components and with a little ingenuity utilizing duct tape and empty beer cans, fixed the rear wing as well. #oregontrailrally #ararally #OTR2017Stages are LIVE on the ARA Rally app! Follow your favorite team with live tracking and scoring updates! Download via Apple app store or Google Play! #oregontrailrally #ararally #OTR2017Car 959 getting some last minute parking lot prep before taking to Saturdays parc expose. Dufur stages, here we come! #otr17 #ararallyStandings after Day 1 of #oregontrailrally have Travis Pastrana leading David Higgins by 12.7 seconds with McKenna in 3rd. In 2wd Millen is out in front of Steely by 7.1 secs with Wallingford in 3rd. 
Download the #ararally app to follow times or go to oregontrailrally.com and click on the